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What we do

What we do (and what we don’t!)

We use a combination of behavioral science and real world data to formulate a targeted business proposal to improve your performance. We will only charge you after our solution brings actual results in the form of increased profits. What we will not do is charge hefty fees to reiterate what you already know about your business in an elaborate presentation with fancy language.

Applied Data Analysis

Both inside your company files and in the outside environment, there are quantities of yet unexamined data that are directly applicable to your company. We have developed unique methods to dissect these vast stores of  data to put it into direct use to improve the performance of your company.

Often times, we hear “Based on this metric, I see there is something wrong. What should I do to improve it?” We directly tackle these problems. We create customized solutions while other services leave you with dashboards and automated charts offering little substance.

Science for business

Many academic findings in social and behavioral sciences could help your business. Most frequently mentioned are framing (choices can be worded in such a way to highlight positive or negative aspects of the same decision, altering the relative attractiveness of each decision- e.g. ‘The risk of losing 10 out of 100 lives vs the opportunity to save 90 out of 100 lives’) and default options (pre-set actions that take effect if nothing is specified by the decision maker- e.g. requiring people to opt-out of organ donation leads to a significantly higher rate of registered donors).

This is just the beginning. Beyond these systematic biases such as framing and default options, there is scientific evidence on consumer patterns that are relevant to your company. For more information on how we use science to improve your business, visit Behavioral Science (link).

Marrying data and behavioral sciences

We love behavioral science. We love data. We have little respect for solutions based on experience and master intuition. Of course, we also have gut feelings. But our gut feelings are tested and backed by behavioral science. They are always verified in the real world setting

Our proposed actions are always grounded in data and based on behavior science (mostly behavioral economics, psychology, evolutionary psychology and neuroscience). We analyze data through a lens of relevant behavioral insight. Then, we tailor individual business solutions custom-made to the unique problems facing your business.

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