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Neopas invited to JRC’s panel on behavioural sciences


June 9-10, 2016 took pmarek_jrclace the JRC Info Day which aims to inform the Czech R&D administration and scientific community about the recent activities of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC), to discuss possibilities for cooperation at governmental and institutional level and also to provide information about opportunities for Czech researchers to work with the JRC. Target audience were researchers, government officials and policy makers.

Neopas, as a leading Czech behavioral economics orientated company, has been invited to contribute into panel on“Behavioural sciences and their role in decision making”. It has been great pleasure for us to present our goals and visions together with Emanuele Ciriolo (Foresight and Behavioural Insights Unit, JRC), Matej Šucha (Mindworx) and Filip Matějka (CERGE-EI).