We harness data and behavioral science

Behavioral Economics

The essence of behavioral economics is to use experiments to test and re-test how people make decisions under a range of circumstances. Accordingly, the results of these experiments are applicable to many situations (e.g. customer purchasing decision).

Applied Data Science

Both inside your company files and in the outside environment, there are quantities of yet unexamined data that are directly applicable to your company. We have developed unique methods to dissect these vast stores of data to put it into direct use to improve the performance of your company.

Custom-Made Solutions

Based on the data analysis which builds on behavioral science insights we tailor individual solutions custom-made to the unique problems facing your business. We also make sure that the impact of proposed solutions is continuously monitored.

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Four steps to behavioral data informed business

Analysis of the behavioral aspects of your business model At the very beginning, we review your business objectives and analyze behavioral aspects present in your business model. This usually includes the customer path analysis with focus on customer decision-making process leading to purchasing decision.
Tapping on science results Having understood the focus of potential intervention we perform a meta-review of existing research studies dealing with relevant behavior aspects of your business and corresponding choice architecture(s).
Testing Based on in-depth behavioral insights we formulate a hypothesis on how best to re-design your existing choice architecture. At the same time, we make sure the data to test new solutions is available. We build on your existing data stock and identify relevant data outside your business. We use A/B testing to assess the results of new choice architecture.
Continuous verification We set-up a simple monitoring process which will enable you to monitor the impact of the new choice architecture on agreed indicators. In this way, we are able to help you continuously improve your performance.

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